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TC Electronic to host audio seminar in Italy

TC Electronic is set to host a major audio seminar in Rome this year inviting some of the most respected audio authorities

This June, TC Electronic will host ‘Rome Calling – Audio seminar of the Year’, inviting some of the world’s most coveted audio authorities to Italy’s capital city – including George Massenburg and Bob Katz – to share their thoughts and experiences on mixing, mastering, and broadcasting.

The seminar will look at the ways in which technology can ruin audio recordings as well as improve them; and will focus solely on the technology, not the products. As well as Massenburg and Katz, other speakers at the Rome seminar include Simone Corelli, Florian Camerer, Dino D’Ambrosio, Alessandro Travaglini, Richard van Everdingen and Thomas Lund.

The first day will focus on post-production; and the second day will concentrate on professional broadcasting and the changes happening in production and distribution of broadcast, film and music as a result of the new ITU and EBU standards, such as the EBU R128 loudness recommendation and ITU’s loudness standard: BS.1770.

The choice of location is down to Italy being an early mover on loudness-based transmission procedures and legislation. The event will take place in the Auditorium della Discoteca di Stato, just a few minutes walk from the Colosseum, the Pantheon, and the other great plazas.

Tickets to the event, which takes place on June 9th and June 10th, cost €160 (£140); and the registration deadline is May 6th.