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Technotrix becomes L-Acoustics Certified Provider

"The time had come for us to expand our inventory"

Technotrix, a Chicago-based event services provider, has become an L-Acoustics Certified Provider for the rental market.

Alongside this partnership, the company is also expanding its equipment inventory with its first L-Acoustics purchase, the “K Standard” Kara package. This consists of 24 Kara enclosures paired with eight KS28 and eight SB18 subs. Four coaxial X8 enclosures serve both monitoring and short-throw PA applications, and a new P1 audio processor brings processing and AVB compatibility to the full rig. Two LA-RAK II – each loaded with three LA12X amplified controllers – plus three standalone LA12X supply the requisite power.

“I first mixed on Kara as a freelancer working on a corporate gig at the Field Museum of Natural History years ago and was definitely impressed with its output and fidelity for such a small enclosure,” recalled Technotrix audio department manager Brent Bernhardt, who has been with the company since 2012. “Since then, we’ve really seen an increase in artists and production managers specifying particular speaker brands, and L-Acoustics is always at the top of those lists. The time had come for us to expand our inventory, so we decided to diversify our offerings to meet what our clients were asking for, which was L-Acoustics.”

“Kara is such a versatile, fantastic-sounding box,” Bernhardt continued. “Its size-to-weight ratio makes it useable in so many situations, and its output far exceeds its compact appearance. I also love the KS28 subs; they’re solid, smooth and deep, and we rarely need to deploy many to get a great outcome.”

Although Technotrix took delivery of its Kara system just a few months prior to the recent NAMM launch of the new L-Acoustics Kara II, Bernhardt is appreciative that the manufacturer will soon be making an upgrade kit available to its customers for a nominal fee.

“By offering us an upgrade kit,” said Bernhardt, “L-Acoustics has shown that they’re committed to helping us maintain the value and validity of our investments. We didn’t get left ‘high and dry’ after a sizable PO cleared their books, and that means a lot to us. L-Acoustics shows great attention to detail, both in terms of product design and commitment to supporting their customers. That’s just one of the many reasons that we’re proud to partner with them as a new Certified Provider, and we look forward to growing our K Series inventory in the near future.”