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TELEFUNKEN upgrades M80 and M81 dynamic mics

Keeping the same sonic design, new features include an updated body tube, quality finishes (including coming in 15 different colours), and headgrille construction

TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik is celebrating 10 years of production of the flagship M80 handheld dynamic microphone, and in honour of this, is bringing out new mechanical design improvements to all M80 and M81 dynamic microphones.

The M80 was introduced in 2008 and began gaining fans across both live and studio environments quickly. Early M80 enthusiasts include Green Day, Snoop Dogg, Phish, The Beach Boys, among many others. The M81 Universal Dynamic followed suit, earning a TEC Award in 2013 for Microphone Technology / Sound Reinforcement. Other notable artists using the M80 and M81 include Steely Dan, Rush, Jason Derulo, Death Cab For Cutie, Justin Bieber and Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers.

Over the last decade, TELEFUNKEN has expanded the production of its line in South Windsor, Connecticut, assembling all of its microphones in the USA. With numerous improvements to the quality and manufacturing process, the revised M80, M80 Black, M81 and newly introduced M81 Gray will begin shipping this month.

Keeping the same sonic design, new features include an updated body tube, quality finishes, and headgrille construction. Users should experience decreased handling noise in live handheld applications with a new capsule isolation mount design. The new headgrille features a more robust build and thicker wire mesh, designed to provide a stronger microphone construction to withstand the wear and tear of gigging.

The new production models employ the same capsule and transformer combination that made the M80 and M81 popular. With its super-cardioid pickup pattern, the M80 and M81 exhibit minimal proximity effect and high SPL handling.

Offered in an array of solid colour, metallic, and wood print finishes, the Dynamic Series handheld microphones give artists the opportunity to customise their stage aesthetic. The TELEFUNKEN Custom Shop now offers 15 finishes for each model with hundreds of different body/head grille colour combinations. These new design updates will be implemented into the Solid Color, Metal, Wood and Custom Shop Dynamic Series finishes later in 2019.

Today, the M80 and M81 are available in wireless head capsules and low-profile packages, also featured in Drum Pack configurations.