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The PSNEurope Playlist: The work of today’s most exciting studio talent

Featuring the work of the most talented producers, engineers, and artists of all time

With the coronavirus pandemic forcing most of us to stay inside and work from home – not that that wasn’t already the case for many an audio professional tucked away in the studio – we figured now was the time to create a soundtrack to help you through these trying times.

PSNEurope has interviewed some of the most prolific producers, engineers, and artists of all time, from the timeless talent of Nile Rodgers to the modern much-coveted producer Fraser T Smith, so we thought, why not create a playlist showcasing all of their fine work? You can find this eclectic soundtrack on Spotify, and we’ve also listed the songs and who worked on them, including links to the interviews themselves. If you feel there are any significant pieces of work missing, feel free to add them to the playlist. This should keep you busy!

PSNEurope’s Party For One Playlist Rundown:

‘the one’ – Marika Hackman: Produced, mixed and engineered by David Wrench & Marika Hackman; Assistant engineered by Grace Banks; Mastered by Matt Colton

‘Cupid’ – The Big Moon: Produced & mixed by Catherine Marks

‘Ladies for Babies (Goats for Love)’: Produced by Ben Hillier; Mastered by Katie Tavini

‘Liminal’ – Rookes: Produced by Rookes; Mastered by Katie Tavini

‘Ghosts’ – Leddra Chapman: Produced by Sophie Ackroyd

‘For the Very First Time’ – Joel Stewart: Produced by Lauren Deakin Davies

‘Version 2.0’ – Hannah V, Amy Schreyer; Produced by Hannah V, Alex Hayes, SV21

‘Sugar For the Pill’ – Slowdive: Engineered by Ian Davenport; Mastered by Heba Kadry; Mixed by Chris Coady

‘The Walker’ – Christine & The Queens: Assistant engineered by Amanda Merdzan

‘Lost’ – Dermot Kennedy: Piano engineered by Amanda Merdzan

‘Hey, Ma’ – Bon Iver: Engineered by Marta Salogni

‘Scream Whole’ – Methyl Ethyl: Mixed by Marta Salogni

‘Still’, 4AD Session – Daughter: Recorded and mixed by Olga Fitzroy

‘Teach Me’ – Shilo Gold: Produced by So Wylie

‘bad guy’ – Billie Eilish: Produced by Finneas; Mastered by John Greenham

‘Screwdriver’ – Mystery Jets: Produced by Matthew Twaites, Jack Flanagan & Blaine Harrison

‘Consumerism’ – Xylo Aria: Produced by Xylo Aria

‘Love It If We Made It’ – The 1975: Produced by Matt Healy & George Daniel; Mixed by Mike Crossey; Engineered by Jonathon Gilmore &Travis Warner; Assitant engineered by Luke Gibbs & Stephen Sesso; Mastered by Robin Schmidt

‘religion (you can lay your hands on me)’ – Shura: Produced by Joel Laslett Pott & Shura; Engineered by Daniel Moyler

‘Boys In the Better Land’ – Fontaines D.C: Produced & mixed by Dan Carey

‘Can’t Hold We Down’ feat. Pop Caan – Kano; Mastered by Matt Colton

‘Signs Of Life’, 2019 remix – Pink Floyd – Engineered & remastered by Andy Jackson

‘3WW’ – alt-J:  Produced, engineered and mixed by Charlie Andrew; Engineered by Brett Cox, Jay Pocknell; Assisant engineered by Paul Pritchard, Stefano Civetta & Graeme Baldwin; Mastered by Dick Beetham

‘Boat’ – IMOGEN: Stem Mastering by Oli Morgan

‘Boogie All Night’ – CHIC; Nile Rodgers & Nao – Produced by Nile Rodgers

‘Got You’ feat. Dave – 169: Produced by 169

‘Another Lifetime’ – NAO: Engineered by Dan Cox

‘Speak to the Wild’ – Thurston Moore: Engineered & mixed by Dan Cox

‘As a Man’ – Anna Calvi: Produced by Nick Launay; Assistant engineered by Isabel Gracefield

‘555’ – Jimmy Eat World: Produced by Justin Meldal-Johnsen

‘Home to You’ – Cate Le Bon: Produced by Cate Le Bon, Samur Khoja & Josiah Steinbrick

‘Natural’ – Julia Shapiro: Produced by Julia Shapiro

‘Feeling Funky’ – Karen Nyame KG: Produced by Karen Nyame KG

‘Back to Black’ – Amy Winehouse: Engineered by Dom Morley; Produced by Mark Ronson

‘Melody of Love’ – Hot Chip: Produced by Rodaidh McDonald & Hot Chip

‘Black Hole Sun’ – Soundgarden: Produced by Soundgarden & Michael Beinhorn

‘Buddy’ – Du Blonde: Produced by Du Blonde

‘Heaven Up There’ – Palace: Produced by Catherine Marks; Engineered by Dani Bennett-Spragg

‘Heart-Shaped Box’ – Nirvana: Produced, engineered and mixed by Steve Albini

‘Get Lucky’ feat. Pharrell Williams & Nile Rodgers: Produced by Thomas Bangalter & Guy Manuel de Homem-Christo

‘Black’ – Dave: Produced by Fraser T Smith & David Omoregie (Dave)

‘Moaning Lisa Smile’ – Wolf Alice: Produced and mixed by Catherine Marks