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30th Tonmeistertagung convention announces exclusive programme on 3D audio

The annual event, which takes place in Cologne, Germany from November 14-17, 2018, has announced an extensive programme on 3D audio and more on the industry's leading topics

The 30th annual Tonmeistertagung convention, which will take place in Cologne, Germany from November 14-17, 2018, recently announced it will be featuring an exclusive programme on 3D audio, as well as more on the leading topics in the pro audio industry. 

A platform will be given to all pro audio subjects to discuss topics such as traditional pro audio, as well as andthe future of producing audio. 

The programme includes topics on:

Immersive recording concepts

3D audio is currently a virtual reality trend and the industry aims to improve audio-visual experiences for clients. The convention will discuss recording concepts and the latest developments in 3D reproduction. As well as receiving exclusive information, the opportunity to experience high-quality productions in rooms equipped with extensive 3D reproduction systems, R1 (Studio) and R5 (Adenauer Hall), is also provided.

AES-reviewed papers

In cooperation with the Central European Region of the Audio Engineering Society (AES), VDT offers AES Reviewed Papers. The contributor will be provided with quality feedback to his or her work. This is an incentive for scientists to present their latest research at the show. In the field of perception of aesthetics, Thomas Lund and Aki Mäkivirta will discuss the fascinating topic “On Human Perceptual Bandwidth and Slow Listening.”

Networks in production and broadcasting

A discussion on Dante and AVB network solutions and the basics of the technology and its upgrades will also be provided, as well as the new MILAN protocol with end-user controls. Meyer Sound’s Dr. Ing. Arno Gramatke will address the benefits of the new standard in a workshop.

For the full convention program list, click here.