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Traction Sound brings the living dead to the Tate

The manufacturer will partner with "research cell" Audint for an infrasound/ultrasound sound and video installation based on their Martial Hauntology LP

As part of Tate Britain’s ‘Late at Tate’ event on 1 May, loudspeaker manufacturer Traction Sound will partner with “research cell” Audint for an infrasound/ultrasound sound and video installation based on the latter’s Martial Hauntology triple-gatefold LP and book.

A projection of the animated film, Delusions of the Living Dead, produced for side A of the vinyl will accompany an “immersive wave-formed installation that is designed to be felt as much as heard” featuring a selection of Traction Sound bass speakers installed by Brighton Sound System.

Audint, comprising Dr Toby Heys (Manchester School of Art) and Steve Goodman (aka dubstep artist Kode9 from leading electronic label Hyperdub), investigate “how frequencies are used to demarcate the soundscape, and the ways in which their martial and civil deployments modulate psychological, physiological and architectural states”. Martial Hauntology (pictured), released in late 2014 as a limited edition of 256 copies, “links the underground groove of the Large Hadron Collider with the vaults of the Bank of Hell; connects the Dead Record Network with the Phantom Hailer; and traces the evolution of the Wandering Soul tapes to the viral dynamics of the online spectreware named IREX2”. (Us neither.)

A screening of the film will also premiere in the Tate auditorium, followed by a discussion at 19.30.

Traction’s BH218 ‘Zeus’, BPS218 ‘Hades’ InfraSub and BP18 ‘Atlas’ speakers will enable visitors to “discover the feel of sound while momentarily crossing full frequencies bringing their bodies and minds back to normality”.