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Trott gallops to Behringer’s stable

Soundcraft/Studer man joins Team Uli

In what many will see as an unexpected move, it has been announced that Andy Trott, the former leader of Harman’s Soundcraft, AKG and Studer brands, is joining Uli Behringer’s Music Group (recently rebranded as simply ‘Music’, by all accounts).

Trott – who served 12 years with Harman – joins the rival manufacturer as senior vice president of the Professional Division on 2 November, 2015, and is the first senior appointment in what Music Group says is a “freshly restructured and customer-centric organisation”.

“Following my recent communication with Andy regarding Music’s new customer- and solution-focused model, we have begun building a strong top-level organisation that shares our vision for disruption and provides equally strong leadership,” said Uli Behringer.

“I have long been aware of Andy’s leadership role at Harman, so when we created the Professional Division at Music, his name was one at the top of our list. His track record in executive management in our industry makes him perfect for our fastest growing division.”

Andy Trott responded: “Uli […] is taking the company’s operation to an entirely new level, one beyond anything I have witnessed during my time in management.

“I find the Music vision for innovation, process automation, and the total focus on customer-centric solutions to be hugely exciting. When Uli invited me to be part of this incredible adventure, my only answer was a resounding yes!

“We are in the midst of a staggering revolution that is both exciting and challenging at the same time, and navigating this change means embracing new ideas. I am convinced that Music will be on the leading edge of this revolution, and that is where I want to be.”

The leap to Music comes nine months after a reshuffle at Harman Professional, which saw David McKinney appointed as vice-president and GM of Harman’s mixer business unit, including Studer and Soundcraft, while Trott was moved into a role in the Harman corporate technology group.