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What is it?A compact audio monitor for use in environments where simple monitoring of stereo embedded audio is required. DetailsSaid to be simple and straightforward to operate, the AMU1-CHD+ offers the same high quality sound reproduction as the PAM1-3G8 with the accuracy of a 26-element bar graph display. It can be used in a racks area, ingest desk, master control application or any technical monitoring position, delivering “pristine audio” derived from either SDI, AES or analogue audio inputs. The rotary selectors on the front panel are designed to be clear and concise, ensuring that an operator unfamiliar with the unit will be able to use it immediately. With the addition of a new audio monitoring selector control borrowed from its sister product, the AMU1-3G, mono, dual mono and stereo signals may all be checked for integrity prior to broadcast. The unit provides dual HD/SDI inputs, four AES inputs and 2 x stereo analogue inputs. Four decoded AES outputs are available, together with a re-clocked digital video HD/SDI output and composite (PAL/NTSC) video output. The design features both POPM and EBU digital ballistics and includes an internal active speaker monitoring system mounted on the front panel. The AMU1-CHD+ is housed in a 1U rack-mount enclosure and includes an out of phase indicator plus a front-panel headphones socket, connection to which disables the built-in speakers. SMPTE 259M, 296M, 274M for 720P/1080i is available at 525/625 frame rates.