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Tune your room without acoustic training with free Artnovion Impulso app

Impulso is "more than simply a measurement tool"

Artnovion, a manufacturer of acoustic treatments based in Oporto (there must be something in the water), has released Impulso, its first acoustic-measurement app. Available free of charge for iOS 9, Artnovian says the software is “more than simply a measurement tool” and is “designed to help audio professionals, hi-fi enthusiasts and engineers tune their rooms without requiring specialist training”.

Room measurement is carried out in a few simple steps via Impulso’s intuitive interface: users configure the sound levels and click ‘Go!’ for immediate results.

For users familiar with acoustic analysis, the software also provides results for reverberation time graphs and full frequency response.

App users interested in Artnovion acoustic solutions can also pick their desired products to see how the rooom’s acoustics would improve.

For more information, or to download Impulso, visit