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Turbosound TFM-560

Bi-amped monitor wedge

What is it?A bi-amped monitor wedge designed to offer minimal footprint on stage. DetailsDesigned in consultation with several major live-sound engineers, the TFM-560 is supplied as part of an “efficient and controllable” monitor wedge package together with the RACKDP-50 Class-D amplifier, providing up to four monitor mixes – with either one or two wedges per mix – from three amplifiers. Two channels in bridged mode can drive up to two LF sections, while one amplifier channel drives up to two HF elements. With the built-in BVNet protocol, the amplifiers can be conveniently networked, grouped and controlled using TurboDrive software. The TFM-560 uses dual 12” neodymium low-frequency drivers and a 1” exit (3” dome) neodymium HF compression unit mounted on an asymmetrical HF horn said to offer good coverage both close to and further away from the monitor. The ported wedge enclosure has a net weight of 31kg (68.2 lbs) and features recessed carrying handles.