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Unterlass Studio Furniture opens for business

Unable to find a suitable studio workspace solution, Austrian musician/producer Arno Unterlass designed his own. He then “got so many requests from people who wanted exactly the same desk,” he decided to open up shop.

Vienna-based Unterlass Studio Furniture has opened its doors for business throughout the European Union, offering studio workspace solutions beginning with its flagship media production workspace, the DUODESK 60. At the helm of the new company is Austrian musician/producer Arno Unterlass, who became frustrated while searching for a home studio workspace: “In 2009 I wanted to buy a desk for my own recording studio, but there was nothing on the market that fitted my needs, in terms of ergonomics, design, and materials. As a musician and producer myself, I knew exactly what I wanted: the look and feel of a studio – without having to buy a big analogue mixing console,” he said. “I rendered the first prototype of the DUODESK 60 in 3D, then built it for real. This was exactly what I wanted – lacquered finish, open backs, and lots of space for rack units. The reason why I formed the company was that I got so many requests from people who wanted exactly the same desk.” The DUODESK 60 features a concealed cable management system, two 10-degree-angled desktop-mounted side racks (10HE each), two front-facing floor-level vertical side racks (16HE each), and two rear-mounted horizontal racks (4HE each). Various configuration options are available, including a deluxe ‘Zebrano’ wooden finish, the ability to extend the desk by an additional 20 or 50 cm, and an additional angled 10HE rack space at the desk’s sweet spot.