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VROOOM! DiRTy Rally videogame captured by DPA

Microphones were used across a whole slate of onboard recordings

To capture the sound of high performance cars, UK videogame developers Codemasters, used DPA d:dicate Recording Microphones, to include in its latest title, DiRT Rally.

Chris Jojo, principal sound recording engineer for Codemasters Racing, says: “For me DPA … is one of the few leading microphone manufacturers that produces microphones and supporting accessories capable of withstanding the stresses of onboard car recording and delivering consistently exceptional recording results.”

Since its formation by the legendary Darling Brothers in 1986, Codemasters has carved a niche for developing motorsports titles such as the GRID series, the DiRT Series and official games for Formula One.

Jojo, who is based at the company’s Southam Studios HQ in Warwickshire, is responsible for the sound design and technical audio integration for all Codemasters Racing titles.

“Codemasters’ Central Audio Department have been using DPA products for 15 years,” he says. “Our stock includes d:screet 4062 miniature omni lavalier, the d:dicate MMC4011 cardioid, the MMC4007 omni and the MMC4018 supercardioid capsules – all powered by DPA MMP-A Preamp bodies. More recently, MMP-ER Modular Active cables have been employed for field, prop and foley recording and for capturing onboard engine, exhaust and mechanical audio. These could include forced induction, differential, suspension and transmission across a wide spectrum of vehicles for all our motorsports titles.”

For DiRT Rally, d:dicate 4007 omni, 4011 cardioid, 4018 supercardioid and d:screet 4062 omni miniature microphones were a permanent fixture. Microphones were used across a whole slate of onboard recordings, ranging from classic Rally Era historics, Group B, A and 4 cars, as well as contemporary World Rally Championship and World Rallycross cars.