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Void Acoustics releases ArcM 12 and ArcM 15

ArcM 12 is a lightweight monitor with a low-profile design, while ArcM 15 offers the same functions in a larger format

The ArcM 12

Void Acoustics’ Arcline series has had two new additions, the ArcM 12 and ArcM 15.

ArcM 12 is a lightweight monitor with a low-profile design and multiple possibilities, allowing use as either a near field booth monitor or conventional stage wedge. In addition, pole mounting or wall mounting is possible for front-of-house purposes. 

Acoustically, FEA analysis has significantly reduced port noise and air distortion. The 12-inch ArcM 12 is unpowered, allowing it to integrate with touring operators’ existing infrastructure. With a frequency response of 60 Hz – 18kHz ± 3dB, the maximum continuous output is 130 dB, reaching 133 dB peak output.

In terms of mobility, measures have been taken to reduce weight, while maintaining an ergonomic design to appease manual handling requirements. Weighing just 19kg (41.9 lbs), this small, reliable monitor is ideal for touring.

The slightly larger 15-inch ArcM 15 similarly offers simple integration and all the benefits of the ArcM 12, weighing 22.5kg (49.6 lbs). Frequency response spans from 50 Hz – 18kHz ± 3dB, with a maximum continuous output of 130 dB and a peak output of 134 dB.