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VUE Audiotechnik al-4

Sub-compact line array

What is it? A sub-compact line array system combining advanced technologies such as a beryllium compression drivers and Kevlar/Neo LF transducers. Details The al-4 line array system features the al-4 Acoustic Element – a compact enclosure measuring 18.9” x 5.5” x 10.3” (WxHxD) and weighing 18lbs. Drivers are loaded in an M-T-M (LF-HF-LF) configuration for symmetrical horizontal consistency. Dual 4” Kevlar cone neodymium woofers flank a VUE-designed, 1” exit neodymium compression driver with a Truextent beryllium diaphragm and mounted on a precision waveguide delivering 90° of horizontal coverage. The 2U rack-mount V4 Systems Engine is a 2-in/4-out configuration capable of powering up to eight al-4 elements with two 1600W LF channels and two 550W two HF channels. The V4 also handles all system management duties including speaker protection and system-optimised alignment of EQ, time and crossover functions. It offers networking capabilities as standard, allowing easy access to each element and/or device on the network through VUE’s intuitive SystemVUE software. The al-4 Subcompact Line Array System is sold in standard ‘blocks’, with a V4 Systems Engine and eight al-4 Acoustic Elements comprising a single block. Multiple al-4 blocks can be combined to address larger applications. For applications where extended low frequency is required, the al-4 is fully compatibile with a variety of VUE subwoofers. Flexible rigging options allow flying, ground stacking, and pole mounting on stands or atop VUE subwoofers. And another thing… Mac and Windows compatible SystemVUE software provides access to all VUE devices on the network as well as device-level parameters such as speaker protection, input/output levels, volume, mute, delay and even input sources.