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VUE Audiotechnik al-4 Software Suite

Acoustic modelling and control software

What is it? A comprehensive package of acoustic measurement and modelling software designed to enhance the performance and capabilities of the al-4 line array. Details The suite of tools includes EASE Focus 2, SysTune and FIRmaker software developed by Berlin-based AFMG Technologies. EASE Focus 2 is a sound system design and aiming application capable of predicting line array performance in virtually any venue. The software – downloadable from the VUE Audiotechnik website – can be used to optimise the array’s configuration to maximize both output and coverage. VUE has also developed the al-4 GLL file for use with AFMG’s full EASE 3D acoustic modelling application – also downloadable from the website. SysTune is an analysis tool for both development and application work and signals the start of an “aggressive development project” utilising FIRmaker beam steering technology. The company has also announcing the availability of SystemVUE networking and control software for all VUE DSP-enabled speakers and processors including the h-Class full-range systems and subwoofers, as well as the V4 Systems Engine offering power for the al-4 compact line array system. Designed specifically for easy set-up and operation, SystemVUE automatically creates a usable TCP/IP-based network without requiring manual operator intervention or special configuration servers. Any SystemVUE-enabled product will automatically recognise and connect to virtually any kind of IP configuration, including DHCP-based networks, a fixed IP network – or even an ad hoc network (directly connecting to a computer via Ethernet cable). And another thing… The h-12 control window in the SystemVUE software enables easy set-up, optimisation and monitoring. According to VUE, the software combines system and device-level control and monitoring capabilities with an “elegantly powerful” user interface.