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Warwick Audio Technologies secures funding for FFL

A £1.25 million investment deal will see Warwick Audio Technologies take its Flat Flexible Loudspeaker to market.

High-tech loudspeaker company Warwick Audio Technologies has secured a £1.25 million (€1.5 million) investment deal to take its innovative flexible loudspeaker technology to market. The company, which has its head office in Coventry, UK, has developed a flat, flexible loudspeaker that is thin, lightweight and low powered. It can be used in flatscreen TVs or audio panels, in car audio systems, or in public address systems and advertising displays.

Speaking to PSNEurope in 2010 when the technology was first revealed, then-CEO Steve Couchman explained: “The FFL speaker produces planar sound waves that project further and are evenly distributed to an audience; the sound levels do not fall away rapidly as you stand further from the speaker. Instead, the sound remains at a more uniform level throughout the audience. Therefore, the speakers are ideal for auditoriums, conference venues, public spaces and presentation rooms.” Multiple investors secured the funding, including Finance Wales and business angels from FSE Investor Network. This funding round brings the total investment in the company since its inception in 2003 to £4.5 million. The new investment will enable Warwick Audio Technologies to fully commercialise its operations, which include developing audio products for Original Equipment Manufacturers. Part of the investment will be used to market highly directional loudspeaker products developed under Warwick Audio’s subsidiary company, ZonarSound. These products include concealed ceiling tile speakers, suspended speakers and flat sound bars for use in public spaces where sound needs to be controlled. Busy reception areas, railway and bus stations or galleries and museums, for example, could all benefit from carefully directed sound that doesn’t overspill into surrounding areas. Company chairman, Derek Mottershead (pictured) commented: “After many years of development this funding now gives us the opportunity to complete the commercialisation of Warwick Audio and establish a sound base for ZonarSound. We already have a number of products on the market and we believe there is enormous potential for growth. This investment will enable us to fully exploit that potential.”