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Waves Audio releases new subharmonic plugin Submarine

Submarine is said to add bigger, deeper sub bass to tracks with unprecedented clarity and low-end accuracy

Waves Audio has launched its new two-octave subharmonic generator plugin, Submarine.

Sub frequencies have become increasingly important to modern music production. Submarine is said to add bigger, deeper sub bass to tracks with unprecedented clarity and low-end accuracy. Powered by Waves’ Organic ReSynthesis technology, Submarine’s two subharmonic generators are set to deliver well-balanced subsonic results on any large sound system.

Submarine’s two sub generators process the user’s source – kicks, bass, even full busy mixdowns – and add new subharmonic frequencies up to two octaves below the precise frequency range you’ve selected. The plugin’s Organic ReSynthesis engine strips the original signal down to its core elements – carrier, pitch, formant, and envelope – processes them individually, and then reconstructs the audio to create new sub frequencies which retain the exact pitch and time of the original signal. The result is reportedly deep subharmonic content that is clean and musical and naturally blends with the source. 

The plugin’s RANGE slider allows the user to zero in on the exact frequencies selected to generate sub sounds, anywhere between 20–240 Hz.

Submarine features:

  • Subharmonic generation plugin powered by Organic ReSynthesis technology
  • Two subharmonic generators (Sub -1 and Sub -2) add subs ONE and TWO full octaves below the selected frequency range of your source
  • High-precision Frequency Range slider (20–240 Hz) to target precise frequencies
  • Drive saturation control to glue the added subs into the mix with ease
  • Dynamics control to go from short sub transients to longer sustained sub notes
  • Selectable Mono/Stereo control
  • Dry/Wet control for parallel mixing
  • Zero latency for real-time mixing; SoundGrid-compatible
  • Presets by Grammy-winning producers and mix engineers

We interviewed Waves’ EVP sales and marketing about Soundgrid earlier this year, after the technology was developed further. You can find it here.