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Wharfedale Pro Kinetic Series

Portable live speaker range

What is it?A range of passive 2-way and 3-way speakers, monitor and sub-woofer for portable live use. DetailsThe Kinetic range currently includes seven models: the 2-way Kinetic 8, Kinetic 12, Kinetic 12M (monitor) and Kinetic 15 enclosures, the 3-way Kinetic 153 and 215 speakers and the Kinetic 18B sub. As their names suggest, the enclosures house a range of 8”, 12”, 15” and 18” woofers, but common to all (except the sub) is the ZD-53200-01R 1” HF driver fitted with a phenolic diaphragm and mounted on a 90° x 60° elliptical waveguide with a 1.2” exit. The speakers offer power handling from 150W up to 300W RMS at maximum SPLs ranging from 124dB – 131dB. The range includes high-slope crossover designs and PTC HF driver protection circuitry. Frequency response is quoted at 70Hz – 20kHz for the 8” Kinetic 8 model, extending down to 45Hz for the ‘quasi’ 15” 3-way Kinetic 215. The Kinetic 18B’s dual 18” woofers covers 45Hz – 250Hz range and are capable of handling 300W RMS. All models feature low-resonance particleboard enclosures finished with durable black carpet and fitted with high-impact plastic handles. They can be ground stacked or pole mounted and incorporate Speakon connection hardware.