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Wharfedale Pro Titan 8A MkII

Upgraded two-way active speaker

What is it?An upgraded version of the Titan 8A speaker with a feature set common to the entire Titan range. DetailsThe Titan 8A MkII incorporates the 2-band EQ found on the 12A and 15A models, allowing fine tuning of the overall sound. A rear-mounted defeat switch has also been added to switch off the throat-mounted power LED on the horn in applications demanding visual transparency. Class-D amplifier circuitry is now used for both the LF and HF sections, resulting in greater power and efficiency from an overall lighter package. The bi-amplified system also includes independent signal limiting for both the LF and HF sections which are rated at 150W and 30W RMS, respectively. Overall frequency response is quoted at 70Hz – 20kHz (±3db) from the 8” bass/mid driver and 1.2” HF unit which provides 90° x 60° (H x V) coverage. Input is via XLR/1.4” combo jack for both mic’ and line-level signals and the speaker is available in black, grey or white.