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White Light supplies Pandamonium at Chessington World of Adventures

Yamaha loudspeakers and Sennheiser microphones are among the AV kit supplied by White Light

White Light was commissioned by Chessington World of Adventures – a theme park, zoo and hotel complex in Chessington – to purchase AV equipment for it’s latest show; Pandamonium.

The show is a world-first live show featuring animatronic pandas that gives families visiting Chessington the chance to experience what it would be like to get up close and personal to these exotic, endangered animals.

Reece Bromfield-Hussey, production supervisor at Chessington World of Adventures, comments: “Pandamonium is an exhibition we’re really excited about. Along with the experience of getting close to the pandas, there is actually a really funny performance which takes place four times a day, along with meet and greet opportunities”.

Planning for the show began in December 2015. Reece adds: “We wanted Pandamonium to be completely different to anything seen at a theme park before. We knew that, for a project this ambitious, we would have to invest in the very latest technology to ensure it achieved its potential”.

To decide on their perfect set-up, the Chessington Team visited White Light’s Wimbledon base where business development manager Jonathan Haynes demonstrated a range of equipment. He comments: “With Pandamonium, it was the first-time something like this had ever been attempted. It was really important to be able to show a range of options to find the right tools for the job, especially considering the interest and hype around this brand new attraction.

Following a series of discussions and demonstrations, Chessington World of Adventures decided to invest in 8 x Yamaha VS6 6.5 loudspeakers, 4 x Sennheiser EW112 G3 microphones, 2 x Look Solutions VIPER 2.6 Fog Generators, 4 x Antari B-100X Bubble Machines and 8 x COLORado 1-Tri Tours.

“This was a really eclectic and interesting purchase as it drew on the various fields that we supply equipment for,” comments Haynes. “Ultimately, it was great that Reece and his team could approach WL and whether it was lighting, audio or special effects, we were able to provide something that fulfilled all of their requirements”.

Pandamonium is now open to the public and has already proven to be a huge success with families and those visiting.

Photos courtesy of Chessington World of Adventures Resort.