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World’s biggest Audient console installed

The 48 channel ASP8024-HE heritage edition was delivered to a Norwegian concert hall

The largest console to leave the Audient factory was delivered in September to Norway’s Oslo concert hall.

The 48 channel ASP8024-HE heritage edition comes with patchbay, Dual Layer Control (DLC) and producers’ desk, as well as nine bays.

The desk is located in a control room which will not only used to record shows, but also acts as a self-contained recording studio.

The concert hall’s production manager, Jan Olsen Skare, was introduced to Audient by Norwegian distributor, Prolyd.

Says Skare: “We’ll be recording classical orchestra so we’ll need all those channels.”

He adds: “We were looking for an analogue console that doesn’t lie … The mic pres are so quiet and respond amazingly. The EQs are just wonderful and very accurate; I’ve never heard anything sound this good.”

Oslo Concert Hall presents more than 300 events a year and receives over 200,000 visitors.