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Women Produce Music launches new composer producer collab series

The composer producer series will be pioneered by WPM founder and composer producer Katia Isakoff, and five-time Grammy award nominated composer, electronic music pioneer, and neo-classical recording artist, Suzanne Ciani

Women Produce Music (WPM) has launched its latest collaborative project, !N_KoLAB, a composer producer series bringing together established and emerging composer producers to collaborate in various studios and pop-up locations.

WPM is an artist and producer led non-profit org founded by composer producer Katia Isakoff (Altersonic Sound, ADD N To X, Mute Records) that promotes and supports the activities of music-makers, producers and audio engineers through a series of collaborative projects and initiatives designed to remove career progression and entry-level barriers.

Work on the pilot series, which is supported by the PRS Foundation Open Fund and Moog Music Inc., will commence at the end of May 2019. For the first in this series, WPM and !N_KoLAB founder Katia Isakoff is joined by Suzanne Ciani; a five-time Grammy award nominated composer, electronic music pioneer, and neo-classical recording artist. Over the course of her 40+ year career, she has released 16 solo albums, including Seven Waves, The Velocity of Love, and most recently, her comeback quadraphonic Buchla modular synth performance recording LIVE Quadraphonic.

Suzanne Ciani commented: “I am honored to be part of Katia Isakoff’s latest initiative to catalyse the role and visibility of women in the recording studio. Noticing a lack of female presence in the professional arena of producing, she is not just lamenting this fact, but taking action to prime the pump that will release a flow of future talent. Brava!”

Katia Isakoff said: “!N_KoLAB is, in essence, the culmination of every idea, hope and vision I have ever explored whilst considering how to move the conversation forward and tell our story. The answer was, and is, where it’s always been – in music – in the studio – through collaboration, friends and community. 

“No words can express how grateful and thrilled I am to be embarking upon this journey with Suzanne Ciani as our spiritual and sonic guide; and to be sharing this experience with our emerging artist Anil Aykan of Fragile Self, and award-winning engineer Marta Salogni of Studio Zona, who brings her passion for tape looping and plate reverbs to the mix. This really is a dream come true; experimenting and producing music which features the Buchla and Moog sound with Suzanne Ciani at the helm promises to be an electrifying sonic adventure.”