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Yamaha chronicles the history of the synth with short film

Yahama has created a short film, The Yamaha Synth Story, to mark the launch of its latest flagship synth, MONTAGE White, and to chronicle Yamaha’s synth journey.

In the last half-century, the synthesiser has had a profound impact on music and culture. From the other-worldly movie soundtracks of the ’70s; the percussive, bell-like tones of the ’80s; and the intricate beats that led to the rise of rap and hip hop, the synth has pioneered it all.

The film starts out in the ’70s with the Yamaha CS-80, a legendary analogue synth. The film takes you through the introduction of FM Synthesis and the Yamaha DX7, the technology behind the sounds of the ’80s. The story segues into the ’90s and on into the 21st century to illustrate the rise of synth workstations like EX5 and MOTIF that influenced entire musical genres from pop to hip hop and more. Finally, The Yamaha Synth Story┬ámoves into the present with the rise of digital technology and then into the music of the future, with the new MONTAGE White.

“We’d love to add Easter eggs for all the artists and the iconic songs they recorded on Yamaha synths,” said Nate Tschetter, marketing manager of Yamaha Synthesisers, “but we’d get too many calls from their record companies.”

The soundtrack for the film is, rightfully so, created entirely with vintage Yamaha synths. “We have an amazing Synth Space at Yamaha with almost every synthesiser we’ve ever made,” said Tschetter. “We set our composers loose in there to record the soundtrack. They were like a bunch of kids in a candy store; they didn’t want the session to end.”

Experience The Yamaha Synth Story below.