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YellowTec PUC2

What is it?A USB-powered digital and analogue audio interface for use with both Windows XP/Vista or Mac OS. DetailsThe PUC2 is said to combine “easy and failsafe” installation with a modular design offering a choice of different breakout panels (balanced analogue XLR, PUC D-connector, MIC preamp, SPDIF/TOS). With 24-bit AD/DA converters, there’s a choice of sample rates from 32kHz up to 192kHz and zero latency monitoring. The PUC2 may be field configured and is fully powered via USB with an analogue auxiliary output included for additional connectivity. Plug ‘n’ play installation is possible via USB class code; PUC2 requires no proprietary drivers, but optional drivers are available for extended function support with ASIO, WDM and HAL plug-ins. In addition to the breakout panels, the modular design is also intended to accommodate future upgrades (with AES-3 as the common interface). Frequency response is quoted as 20Hz – 20kHz (+/- 0.2dB) and S/N is >105dB (record) and >103dB (playback). The analogue line input/output module offers +15/+18dBu levels (full scale) while the microphone input module incorporates 48V phantom power and provides up to 60dB gain, obviating the need for an additional mic preamp.