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The Pro Sound News Centerstage Chart for July 2019

Pro Sound News runs down the crews and gear on the top 10 highest-grossing tours of the month.

1 Pink | BRITANNIA ROWDave Bracey (he); Jon Lewis (me-Pink); Horst Hartmann (me-band); Guillaume Burguez (cc); Johnny Keirle (se); Juan Beilin, Charles Well (ae); Jack Murphy (tech)HC: DiGiCo SD7 Quantum; MC: DiGiCo SD7 Quantum; Yamaha PM10; HS: L-Acoustics K1, K2, K1SB, KARA, KS28; MS: L-Acoustics X15, Clair CM-22; IEM: Sennheiser 2050; HA: L-Acoustics LA12X; MA: Lab.gruppen; WIRELESS MICS: Sennheiser 6000 series; OTHER: Radial SW8
2 Eric Church |   CLAIR GLOBAL Billy Moore (be); Marc Earp (pm/me—artist); Ben Rigby (me—band); Jared Lawrie (cc); Nathan Lowe (m tech); Dustin Anderson, Melissa Terrazas (techs)HC: (2) Midas Heritage XL4; MC: (2) Avid Venue Profile; HS: Clair CO-12, CO-10, CO-8, CP-218; IEM: Sennheiser G3; HA: Lab.gruppen PLM 20000Q; WIRELESS MICS: Shure UR with Telefunken M80 Capsule; FOH EQUIPMENT: TC Electronic D-Two; Bricasti M7; Yamaha SPX 990; Tube-Tech CL 2A; Drawmer DS404, 1968, DL241, DS201, DS501, DL441; Empirical Labs EL-8 Distressor, Fatso; Manley ELOP; API 527, 2500; dbx 560A, 520, 903; Neve 543; MONITOR EQUIPMENT: Waves Live Bundle; OTHER: Radial JX44, SGI44, JR5, J48
3 Justin Timberlake | CLAIR GLOBALAndy Meyer (he); Paul Klimson (me); Phil Kriz, Justin Lenards (se); Hugo Gudino Jr., Elliott Wiley (mse); Paul Manuel (ae); Dustin Chrysler, Carlos Lopez-Olavarria, Rachel Rozzi, Nathan Sonnenberg (techs); Kevin Leas (RF tech)HC: DiGiCo SD7; MC: DiGiCo SD7; HS: Clair Cohesion CO-12, CO-10, CP-6, CP-118, CP-218; HA: Lab.gruppen PLM 20000Q; MA: Lab.gruppen PLM 20000Q; OTHER: Radial JX44, SGI44
4 Kenny Chesney |   MORRISChris Rabold (be); Bryan “Opie” Baxley (me); Phill “Sidephill” Robinson (me-Chesney); Chris “Sully” Sullivan (se); Tom Nisun (stage m); Rich Rossey (patch); Phil Spina, Tanner Freese, Jeremy Bayne (techs); Ed Wannebo (pm); Jill Trunnell (apm)HC: SSL L500 Plus; MC: (2) Midas ProX; HS: d&b audiotechnik GSL; MS: d&b audiotechnik J8, J12, JSub, SL-Sub, Y10P; IEM: Shure PSM 1000; HARDWIRED MICS: Shure, Earthworks, Telefunken, Sennheiser, Beyer; WIRELESS MICS: Shure Axient Digital with sE Electronics V7MC1 capsules; FOH EQUIPMENT: Rupert Neve 5045; API 2500; Empirical Labs EL8-X Distressor, DeEsser, EL500, EL7 Fatso Jr; Sonic Farms Creamliner; Eventide H3000, Overstayer 8776A Imperial Channel Strip, Stereo Voltage Control, Stereo Field Effect, M-A-S; Waves SoundGrid
5 Billy Joel |   CLAIR GLOBALBrian Ruggles (he); Josh Weibel (me); Rich Schoenadel (cc/se); Jay Yochem (m tech); Tom Ford, Bryan Darling (tech)HC: DiGiCo SD5; MC: DiGiCo SD10; HS: Clair Cohesion CO-12, i-3, P-2, R4, CP-218; MS: Clair CM-22, SRM, ML-18; IEM: Sennheiser 2050; HA: Clair StakRak (Lab.gruppen); MA: Lab.gruppen; HARDWIRED MICS: Shure; AKG; Sennheiser; Audio-Technica; Radial J48, JDI, SW8, Firefly; WIRELESS MICS: Shure UR Series; FOH EQUIPMENT: Waves
6 Cher |   SOLOTECHSteve Guest (he); Martin Pare (me); Hilario Gonzalez (cc); Marc-Olivier Germain (se); Nick Stover (ae); Evan Rainwater (tech)HC: DiGiCo SD7; MC: DiGiCo SD7; HS: L-Acoustics K1, K2, Kara, KS28, ARCSII; MS: L-Acoustics X12; IEM: Shure PSM 1000; HA: L-Acoustics LA12; MA: L-Acoustics LA12; HARDWIRED MICS: Shure; Sennheiser; WIRELESS MICS: Shure Axient Digital; Sennheiser; FOH EQUIPMENT: Waves
7 Bad Bunny | 3G PRODUCTIONSLuis “Peewee” Velazquez (he); Adolfo Velez (cc/se); Ken Quinlan (ae); Sabrina Chavez, Mateo Rodriguez, Robert Valdez, Edwin Velazco, Gabe Santana (tech)HC: Yamaha CL5; HS: 360° of d&b audiotechnik V Series, flown J-Subs; IEM: Shure PSM 1000; HA: d&b audiotechnik D80; WIRELESS MICS: Shure Axient; Sennheiser 6000; FOH EQUIPMENT: Lake
8 Dead & Company | ULTRASOUND Derek Featherstone (be); Lonnie Quinn, Ian Dubois (me); Ethan Chase (mse); Michal Kacunel (cc/foh se); Ross Harris (rec e); Conner Riley, Sam Brodsky (techs)HC: Gamble EX56; Avid S6L (96 Ch. drums) with Pro Tools Ultimate; MC: Avid Venue D-Show (96 Ch.), Venue Profile (96 Ch.); HS: (36) Meyer Sound Leo, (22) 1100-LFC, (16) 700-HP, (36) Lyon, (8) Mica; MS: Meyer Sound MJF-212, MJF-210, 1100-LFC, JM1-P; IEM: Sensaphonics; JH Audio; Future Sonics;  HARDWIRED MICS: Sennheiser 935, 421, 409, 904, 945; Shure KSM144, Beta91, SM57; Neumann KMS104; AKG 460; Telefunken M-80; Radial JD7, SGI, DM1; FOH EQUIPMENT: Analog: Summit DCL-200, TLA-100; Empirical Labs Distressor; TC Electronic M5000, D-Two; Aphex 622 gates; UltraSound DRSE Quad Panners; MOTU 838 mk3; TubeTech LCA-2B; UA 1176 LN; Plug-Ins: McDSP 6050 ultimate comp, AE600 EQ; MONITOR EQUIPMENT: Sennheiser EW300G3; Eventide Octovox plug-in
9 Ariana Grande |   CLAIR GLOBAL Toby Francis (be); Erik Rodstol (me); Dean Mizzi (cc/se); Cory Harris (ae); James Ellison, Katy Hughes, Benjamin Scanlon, Andrew Black (tech); Jason Zito (pm)HC: Yamaha Rivage PM7; RND Neve 5060 buss mixer; MC: DiGiCo SD7; HS: Clair CO-12, CO-10, CP-218 Subs; MS: Clair CM14; IEM: Sennheiser EM 2050; HA: Lab.gruppen; MA: Lab.gruppen; HARDWIRED MICS: Shure; Sennheiser; Radial JDI, SW8; WIRELESS MICS: Sennheiser 5000/5235 series; Shure Axient Digital, ULX-D; FOH EQUIPMENT: Tube Tech SMB 2B; Crane Song STC8; Smart Research C-2; RND Shelford Channel; API 2500; RND Portico II MBC
10 The Zac Brown Band |   CLAIR GLOBALEric Roderick (be/pm); Andy Hill (me); Alex Moore (cc/se); Nathan Falkner, Ashley Parker (se); Jake Bartol (rf); Frank Sadler (Pro Tools/IT)HC: DiGiCo SD7; MC: DiGiCo SD7; HS: Clair Cohesion CO-12, CP-218; MS: Clair Cohesion CM22; IEM: JH Audio; HA: Lab.gruppen; MA: Lab.gruppen; HARDWIRED MICS: Sennheiser; Radial DM1, J48, JDI, Relay XO, Phaser, Firefly, JR1 foot switch, Powerhouse 500 series rack, Tonebone PZ Pre, Tonebone JDX Direct Drive, Tonebone Elevator boost, OX8j; WIRELESS MICS: Sennheiser; FOH EQUIPMENT: Waves

Legend: (he) house engineer. (ahe) ass’t house engineer. (be) band’s house engineer. (me) monitor engineer. (ame) ass’t monitoring engineer. (bme) band’s monitor engineer. (se) systems engineer. (ae) ass’t engineer. (tech) technician. (cc) crew chief.

HC: house console. MC: monitor console. HS: house speakers. PMS: personal monitor systems. MS: monitor speakers. HA: house amplifiers. MA: monitor amplifiers.

Top 10 grossing tours according to Billboard. Some tours did not report grosses for all shows; rankings may be affected as a result. Equipment and crew information are provided by the respective sound reinforcement companies.