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HOW Sound

HOW Sound

IEM Mixing Matures for Houses of Worship

By Steve Harvey. Houses of worship may share timeless insights, but their audio systems are increasingly expected to be modern by congregations used to hearing quality audio everywhere else in their lives. With that in mind, we look at...

HOW Sound

Reaching to the Choir

By Al Fernald. Choir microphones don’t automatically grab your attention—if anything, they’re meant to blend into the scenery—but they’re crucial for bringing a group of voices to worshipers, whether via the house PA system, recordings or broadcasts.

HOW Sound

FCC Issues 600 MHz Consumer Disclosure

By Steve Harvey. The Federal Communications Commission has issued an Order that provides the specific language for the Consumer Disclosure notice to be displayed on wireless mic products operating in the 600 MHz service band.

HOW Sound

Nexo Goes On Tour

That Nexo loudspeakers are going on the road may not come as a surprise, but what makes this instance unique is that it’s the Nexo M10 Experience Tour—a series of training sessions for the new Nexo Geo M10, offered...

HOW Sound

T-Mobile to Enter 600 MHz in August

By Clive Young. Pro-audio RF wranglers and wireless users may be in for a surprise next month, as T-Mobile announced yesterday that it will make its first in-roads into 600 MHz next month, far head of the original FCC-based...

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