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Festival Business

Festival Business

Take1 Takes On Terrorism

Take1 Insurance has made a name for itself within the event production community in recent years, most prominently with its involvement with the Event Safety Alliance and insurance offerings aimed to protect vendors from weather-related events. Now, in response...

Festival Business

Coachella Rolls With Changes

Coachella may be one of the premiere festivals in the world, but that high profile also means that organizers Goldenvoice and parent company AEG Live are scrutinized all the more closely when they face challenges—like the multiple ones tackled...

Festival Business

Promoting Pro Audio at Festivals

Festivals are unique events in that they create temporary communities. They bring together artists, crews and thousands of music fans to briefly celebrate together and then everyone disperses, heading off in their own directions. Pro audio providers have always...

Festival Business

Making Waves, Founding a Festival

While the number of new music festivals seems to rise every year, launching one remains as challenging as ever—perhaps even more so given that there are so many options out there for music fans. According to a 2015 Nielsen...