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Top 10 Pro Audio-Oriented Things That Make Me Go “Hmm?”

PSN/PAR's Rob Tavaglione lists pet peeves of his gear eval/studio lifestyle.

10. The use of Styrofoam material in pro audio gear packaging. It breaks. It cracks. It crumbles. It never holds up to delivery abuse (like foam packaging does). And the only packing material worse is …

9. Packing peanuts. They’re messy, just as environmentally offensive as molded Styrofoam, and they barely even work (#shift-in-transit).

8. When there’s no power button. So it’s supposed to always stay on? It could’ve at least been put on the rear panel.

7. Poor faceplate legends. Manufacturers, please at least mark the travel from “1 to 10” so I can log settings, although some truly meaningful numbers would be nice.

6. “Professional” studio microphones that ship with no shock mount. Are you suggesting that this mic should never actually be used, or are you milking me for a few more bucks? In most of these cases, while the latter is probably true, the former is probably the best idea.

5. Shock mount build quality in general. All I ask is that they don’t sag, they don’t let go, and they don’t wear out in a year. Is that too much?

4. File size limits. Drives get bigger and “pipes” gets bigger. Meanwhile I’m squeezing too much music into a mere 8MB.

3. Bands that can’t track together. Ya’ll actually play together all the time … or don’t you?

2. Unflinching brand loyalty. You know, there’s other gear out there that actually works. You ought to try it.

1. Singing competitions. Let’s make them all sing the same song. Or, let’s make the judges sing backups. While dodging flying vegetables. Or …