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‘Tree of Knowledge’ Podcast Rooted in RME Interface

The home podcasting studio for Roy Rotstein's Tree of Knowledge podcast now sports an RME Babyface Pro interface.

The home podcasting studio for Roy Rotstein's Tree of Knowledge podcast.
The home podcasting studio for Roy Rotstein’s Tree of Knowledge podcast.

San Diego, CA (September 8, 2020)—The science-themed podcast, Tree of Knowledge, explores topics ranging from vaccine development to neuroimaging, easing the learning curve for its listeners. Show host Roy Rotstein had his own learning curve, however, when he founded the podcast over a year ago, as he had to put together his own home studio to produce the show.

RME Fireface Fuels Crooked Media Podcast Efforts

Key to that endeavor, he says, was RME’s Babyface Pro 24-channel USB audio interface, which he first came across at last year’s PodFest Expo. “One of the things I liked best about the Babyface Pro is that you don’t need any audio background in order to operate it — you just plug it in and go,” Rotstein said. “I can use it for recoding solo episodes where I’m reading off a script, and I can use it when I conduct on-site interviews.”

When conducting in-person interviews,the Babyface Pro is a regular part of his portable setup, along with two mics with stands and his laptop. “The portability of the Babyface Pro has been an enormous boon for me,” Rotstein said. “The fact that I have this little device which is just a little larger than my cell phone and is able to handle all the audio requirements that I need is huge.”


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