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WHDH-TV Completes New Control Room with Solid State Logic

NBC affiliate WHDH-TV has completed the installation of an SSL C100 Digital Broadcast Console in its new control room.

Boston, MA (February 6, 2006)–NBC affiliate WHDH-TV has completed the installation of an SSL C100 Digital Broadcast Console in its new control room. The installation completes the broadcaster’s move to a new control room and its transition to all-digital status.

The small footprint, assignable C100 is specifically designed for on-air studio applications where fast and efficient handling of sources and destinations are the most important aspects of the audio operator’s role. For WHDH director of engineering Jim Shultis, the C100 was a perfect fit for the fast-paced facility, which features substantial live programming. “The selling points were the flexibility of the metering, the robustness, and the operating system,” Shultis commented. “We especially like how fast the operating system is.”

The C100 was chosen over consoles from several other manufacturers, Shultis confided. “One thing we loved, compared to the competition, was the flat-panel TFT displays,” he said. “It’s easy to love those because they’re so bright, clear and easy to view. For an operator sitting at the console, we found those to be the easiest to read.”

The C100 will also make the transition to surround sound an easy one, Shultis added, noting that 5.1-channel audio will accompany the station’s conversion to high-definition video. “I think within three years, we’ll be doing HD with surround sound,” predicted Shultis. “When we start doing some sources in 5.1, we can just hit switches on the module or software to make it 5.1, and the metering just changes. Instead of just seeing stereo, you’ll see the 5.1 metering in the TFT display. We really like how the C100 not only meets our present needs, but also addresses our plans for the future.”

The C100’s reliability was also important, Shultis added, in the selection of a console that could meet the demands of more than six hours of live news broadcast by WHDH daily. “Our old audio console, which was analog, was troublesome,” he confided. “When we looked at SSL, we were very impressed. It really blew away the competition.”

Solid State Logic