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Actors Walk and Talk with DPA 4097

Gene Martin used a DPA 4097 microphone to tackle a challenging commercial shoot during the Coronavirus pandemic.

DPA Microphones’ 4097 micro shotgun and MMA-A digital audio interface.
A DPA 4097 micro shotgun and MMA-A digital audio interface.

Burbank, CA (November 11, 2020)—Gene Martin, owner of Audio Department and Sound Guy Solutions, found a solution for a challenging commercial shoot during the coronavirus pandemic: the just-released DPA 4097 micro shotgun and MMA-A digital audio interface.

“The commercial was shot as a series of video chats from mobile devices and laptops, so we needed something where the actors could be walking around with their phones and not have a large recording device with them,” says Martin. With scenes being shot in separate areas around the U.S., Martin had to juggle as many as 10 different drop kit audio packages at a time. As he was on-location with the main crew in California, he also had to account for remote workflows as well as social distancing protocols.

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“The client was happy with the video from the devices, but was looking to drastically improve the audio. I was originally going to use the DPA 4060 because its higher sensitivity would benefit us being able to have the mic further from actors’ faces. Then, the 4097 was introduced and it was the perfect little microphone for this application; everything from the design to the sound was exactly what we needed.”

The size of the setup played a big role in Martin choosing DPA. “Our first point of business was to find an interface or recorder that was small enough to mount to the mobile device,” he explains. “The DPA MMA-A gave us the ability to easily switch between the phone and computer interfaces. Add to that the fact that we could thread the DPA 4097 directly onto the MMA-A and attach it all right to the back of the phone, and we had the perfect little microphone positioned right above the camera.”

The DPA system also worked well when the actors switched to scenes in which they were using laptops. “This small, lightweight microphone and audio interface combination attached directly to the back of the computer,” adds Martin. “What we ended up with was audio from a high-end, broadcast-quality directional microphone that was much better than the internal microphone on the devices. This helped us capture exactly what we needed to focus on — not a lot of the background ambiance, but rather really just single-in on our talent.”

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