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Atmos/VR Facility Audio Lab 2 Opens in London

London’s Grand Central Recording Studios has built Audio Lab 2, a new studio for Dolby Atmos Theatrical and third-order Ambisonics immersive audio sound design and mixing.

London, UK (December 7, 2017)—London’s Grand Central Recording Studios has built a new facility— dubbed Audio Lab 2—aimed for Dolby Atmos Theatrical and third-order Ambisonics (TOA) immersive audio sound design and mixing.

Building on GCVRS, the studio’s specialist VR arm, Audio Lab 2 sports a full Dolby Atmos Theatrical installation. Leveraging off the 32+1 Atmos speakers, GCRS also added an additional 16 lower level speakers to create what it claims is the world’s first mixed Dolby Atmos Theatrical and TOA studio for VR work.

Throughout the project, run by studio manager, Chris Lagden, GCRS founders Carole Humphrey, Ivor Taylor and Raja Sehgal collaborated with Guy Wilson of AKA to create a semi-modular system for the room, allowing flexibility for future developments, David Bell of Whitemark Acoustics oversaw the acoustics while Matt Dobson of Exigy oversaw speaker design. A full 56 speaker channels and 70 speaker cabinets have been fitted into the space.

Richard Furse of Blue Ripple Sound collaborated with David Bell on the Ambisonic design, aiming to improve 360/VR sound design workflows so that clients will hear mixes develop in live-time from a dedicated work area.

Ivor Taylor, technical director & co-founder, GCRS, said: “We have been exploring the opportunities around Dolby Atmos and spatial audio for many years now, learning a huge amount and making working discoveries throughout the process that have since been validated. The culmination of this is a ground-breaking sound design and mix facility, that not only caters for contemporary film, commercial and VR projects but has the capacity to evolve as new technologies and techniques emerge in future.”

Audio Lab 2 / Grand Central Recording Studios