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Beckham Beats Endless Drums

Endless Noise produced the music featured in a new web commercial for Samsung's Galaxy Note using a process the company calls "Rendered Noise."

Santa Monica, CA (June 1, 2012)—Endless Noise produced the music featured in a new web commercial for Samsung’s Galaxy Note using a process the company calls “Rendered Noise.”

Entitled “Olympic Drums,” the spot features David Beckham as he kicks a series of soccer balls, in rapid succession, against a wall made of drums. Each time a ball hits a drum, a musical note is heard which begins to form the melody of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 in D minor, commonly called the “Ode to Joy.” The spot debuted on the web May 22nd.

Endless Noise has a specialty in this area of “Rendered Noise,” turning random sounds into musical compositions.

“Cheil USA presented Endless Noise with a unique challenge, and they seamlessly drew out the melody of ‘Ode to Joy’ as though Beckham had kicked it himself,” said Lars Bastholm, chief creative officer of agency Cheil USA. “We couldn’t be happier with how Jeff and his team realistically brought our idea to life.”

Beckham didn’t actually drum out the song during the production of this spot. That was created in post production by Endless Noise, who mixed in actual studio noises with the song to give the sound some authenticity. Said Jeff Elmassian, composer and Endless Noise founder, “With this type of music, the aim is to make the arrangement and orchestration sound as effortless and organic as possible. It has to feel as if someone would naturally move to the rhythm as though it were a traditionally scored piece of music. Consequently, we were aided by the fact that David Beckham takes choreographic cues quite well. Perhaps a Dancing with the Stars turn is in order for him?”

Endless Noise