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Blackmagic Provides Film Post Solution

‘My Daughter Was Stolen’ was produced end-to-end using Blackmagic gear for all aspects, including sound design.

Fremont, CA (May 11, 2018)—Blackmagic Design provided an end-to-end solution for feature-length thriller My Daughter Was Stolen, from URSA Mini Pro, URSA Mini 4.6K and Pocket Cinema Camera digital film cameras through DaVinci Resolve 14 Studio for color grading, editing and sound design to Fusion 9 Studio for visual effects (VFX).

“We did the entire project in Blackmagic Design,” said Ari Golan, producer, camera/MoVI operator, drone pilot, post supervisor and colorist, as well as owner of Golan Studios and Atomic Imaging, the production and post houses behind the film.

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“Everything was shot on five Blackmagic Design cameras and completely edited, graded and finished in DaVinci Resolve Studio. Even the sound mix was done in DaVinci Resolve Studio, as well as green screen compositing. Fusion Studio was then used for VFX work.”

In post production, according to Golan, “The only thing not done in DaVinci Resolve Studio was VFX in Fusion Studio, as well as some sound effects and [F]oley editing, but that was brought into DaVinci Resolve Studio as stems.”

Dialogue editor Terry Shaughnessy was in charge of adding sound effects, music and creating the final mix. “While my audio editing was done in DaVinci Resolve Studio’s edit page, we used the Fairlight page for setting up sub groups, main outs, dynamic filtration and final delivery stems,” he said.

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“With the addition of Fairlight audio to DaVinci Resolve 14, we can deliver projects the way we want without having to send out to other programs,” concluded Golan. “Not only do we have advanced color grading and editing in one program, but we also can set up subs and mains and route everything accordingly, output the master, and separate left, center and right surround channels all in one step.”

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