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Bleacher Report Sports New Brios

Online Sports Broadcaster Ups Its Game with New Consoles

Hebden Bridge, UK (January 5, 2018)—Online sports publisher Bleacher Report has acquired two Calrec Audio Brio compact audio consoles as part of a studio upgrade for its live and live-to-tape productions, which range from pro and college football, soccer and basketball broadcasts to fantasy football and panel shows.

“The Brios are our first Calrec desks, and they’re a great addition to our team,” said Mark Steinmetz, studio operator/audio engineer, Bleacher Report.

“Brio can accommodate any skill level, which makes it really ideal for our crew. Our audio operators love the console’s ease of contribution and mix-minus features, with a layout that’s easy to grasp at first glance and displays the data in a very intuitive and natural manner.”

Bleacher Report streams its content through its own app and through online platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. The online broadcaster produces its own shows in both its 600-square-foot and 1,400-square-foot studios, which may be occupied with up to 15 Facebook Live streams every week during peak season.

The Bleacher Report’s previous audio console only offered limited routing via AES and Dante. One of the Brios is now in production handling audio mixing for both studios, and the second Brio is being readied for mobile shoots.

The Brio handles all the productions’ audio sources with ease, including Dante, AES, SDI and analog. The desk handles routing between the different formats and it offers mixing for live talk shows that might include up to eight panel guests.

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