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Brazil’s SBT Adds to Stage Tec Tech

Live TV productions in Brazil leads to new consoles.

Sao Paulo, Brazil (March 22, 2019)—Stage Tec has supplied three audio mixing consoles to Brazilian TV station SBT, headquartered in Sao Paulo, which are primarily being used to produce a daily live entertainment show for children and news broadcasts.

The installation includes a 32-fader Crescendo platinum installed in a P.A. studio for sound reinforcement. A second 24-fader Crescendo platinum mixes the music broadcasts and talk shows from this studio. The third console, an Auratus with 24 faders, is connected to a variety of external devices that augment the mixes with special effects. The Auratus was specially adapted to meet the customer’s spatial requirements.

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“SBT chose Stage Tec because the transmissions are very demanding due to the large amount of live content and the audio technology from Berlin is known for its reliability,” explains Pierre Maquea from SDLive team, Stage Tec’s Brazilian distribution partner. “Other important features that spoke in favor of Stage Tec products were the option to split the microphone input signals throughout the system without affecting the splits, the high routing capacity, extremely low latency, and excellent phase correlation as well as the system expansion capabilities.”

The three consoles are integrated into an audio network, which was also part of the delivery. It consisted of four Nexus Base Devices and two routers. One Nexus router was installed in the studio and the second one is in a technical room and connects two studios with each other.

Stage Tec has already completed several projects at SBT. For example, in 2013, shortly before the FIFA World Cup, the main production control rooms were each renovated with three custom-made Crescendo and On Air 24 consoles.

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