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Butler Brings Brio to See Mummy

Console helps uncover artifacts without adding any to audio.

Egypt (September 24, 2019)—To cover the opening of a sarcophagus in Egypt on a live TV broadcast to 100 countries, Mark L. Butler, owner of Majestic Sound Productions, Inc., turned to Calrec’s Brio 36 compact digital audio console.

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The live Discovery Channel event aimed to showcase one the biggest archaeological finds in 15 years and was co-hosted by real-life Indiana Jones, Dr. Zahi Hawass, former Minister of State for Antiquities Affairs for Egypt. Throughout the production, Butler used the Brio in the harsh Egyptian environment. “Being in the middle of the desert made for a lot of logistical issues and problems,” explains Butler. “We dealt with sandstorms, rain, high winds and even poisonous cobras and desert vipers, but the Calrec Brio offered the perfect amount of ruggedness to get the job done.”

Though Butler worked mostly from the production truck during the live portion of the event, he also explored the tombs during the pre-taped segments and while planning out the production. “In one tomb, we had to make our way through a 40-foot-long tunnel, all the while trying to avoid stepping on 3,000-year-old skeletons and artifacts, in order to set up our RF system. We were not allowed to bring in any antennas or source the RF gear from outside the country, which proved to be the biggest challenge of the shoot,” he says.

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Butler had a brand-new video truck and Calrec Brio to work with. “I generally work on Calrec’s Apollo or Artemis, so this was my first show on the Brio,” he says. “The learning curve was pretty easy and soon I was navigating as though I work on it all the time.”

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