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Butter Shops with Ishibashi

Butter recently joined forces with of Montreal band member Kishi Bashi (K. Ishibashi) for "Shop Small," a :60 spot for American Express.

New York, NY (April 16, 2012)—Butter recently joined forces with of Montreal band member Kishi Bashi (K. Ishibashi) for “Shop Small,” a :60 spot for American Express.

“We are developing a rotating roster of collaborators who have their hands in many musical pots, commercials just being one of them,” noted Ian Jeffreys, executive producer, Butter. “The benefits are twofold: Butter is able to raise the bar on the overall quality of its product, and our clients get access to music from emerging talent that will bring a buzz factor to their productions. This American Express spot is a superb example of that.”

“Kishi Bashi’s mix of classical instrumentation and electronic elements is the perfect fit for American Express and their musical brand identity,” observed Michael Freeman, music producer, Ogilvy. The propulsive, ornate string arrangements of Kishi Bashi’s song “Manchester” fit into the montage, accompanied by a narrator extolling the virtues of shopping at small businesses.

“Kishi Bashi, who is emerging as a rising star on the indie scene, really represents the evolving nature of our music company,” noted Jeffreys. “His unique sound is really apparent on this spot.”

“Most of the time, when you license a track, you get the track and you’re on your own,” Jeffreys explained. “In this case, Amex not only got a great track, but they also got the supervision of an experienced music house to oversee the edits. It was a win, win.”