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Calrec Covers the Courts at Wimbledon

15 Calrec desks were on hand for this year’s tennis showdown.

London, UK (July 24, 2019)—NEP UK deployed 15 Calrec consoles to handle broadcasts from Wimbledon 2019, with an additional three Calrec desks in NEP OB trucks covering Centre Court, Court One and Court Two.

“We have worked extensively with Calrec over the years; the networking flexibility and easy scalability of their technology were central to the success of this Wimbledon 2019 project,” says Jimmy Parkin, sound engineer, NEP Broadcast Services. “We needed audio operators to be able to easily access any source from any court without having to move anything or plug anything in; any console can ‘talk’ with any other console on the network.

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“We also needed to integrate IP networks with Calrec’s Hydra 2 networking technology and using their interfaces made this very easy. Pre-event offsite planning, using Calrec’s H2O GUI for the Hydra 2 network, meant that we could accurately name and label ports before any hardware was connected.”

Wimbledon Broadcast Services (WBS) was the host broadcaster for the second year. Eleven Calrec consoles — 10 Summa and one Brio — were deployed across the host’s SMPTE ST2110 IP network, including consoles for the Wimbledon Channel and the media center. NEP, working with a major U.S. broadcaster for its coverage, including streaming, used an additional three Calrec consoles — two Artemis desks and one Brio — in the network’s three control rooms.

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“It worked seamlessly; the way that Calrec’s technology allows resources to appear on a network, and then how effortless it was to move those resources across the network, made our life so much simpler,” continues Parkin. “Adding additional I/O boxes was really easy, too. This was a very complex project, but we were working with good people and great technology.”

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