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Calrec Helps Broadcast Ministry’s Message

A pair of Calrec desks come in handy at SBN.

Baton Rouge, LA (August 8, 2018)—Reverend Jimmy Swaggart’s SonLife Broadcasting Network (SBN) has purchased two Calrec consoles, a Summa and a Brio, to handle audio for studio programming and live broadcasts.

“Being able to network the Calrec consoles using Hydra2, having complete redundancy and eliminating the analog infrastructure were extremely important to us,” says Dave Cooper, director at SonLife Broadcasting Network, a division of Jimmy Swaggart Ministries.

Innovations: Calrec Audio Type R

“SBN produces approximately six hours of live studio production daily, including Message of the Cross, Insight, Frances and Friends, and three live services per week from Family Worship Center, the home church of Jimmy Swaggart Ministries. We needed consoles that were reliable and broadcast-ready at all times to meet the demands of our production schedules.”

SBN is currently using one Summa console, one Brio console and two DiGiCo S21 consoles with MADI cards to all interface on the Hydra2 network. At SBN studios, there are main video control rooms and two live translation rooms.

“There was a very noticeable clarity improvement as soon as we put the Summa and Brio consoles online,” says Cooper. “Both consoles improved the quality of the signal and processing, increased reliability and were cost efficient for our live telecasts. We are extremely pleased with the performance level of these mixing consoles.”

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Swaggart first started his television ministry in 1975 and has broadcast on television continuously since that time. In 2009, Swaggart launched the SonLife Broadcasting Network., which operates four different program streams in three languages around the world. SBN currently reaches 85 million homes in the United States and 163 million homes worldwide.

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