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CAS Announces New Board of Directors

Cinema Audio Society president Karol Urban recently announced the results of the CAS board of directors election.

Los Angeles, CA (March 5, 2020)—Cinema Audio Society president Karol Urban announced the results of the CAS board of directors election at the recent 56th Annual CAS Awards, which were held at the Intercontinental Downtown Los Angeles.

The recent CAS board election resulted in two new executives. Steve Venezia has been elected to vice-president. At a recent board meeting, Lee Orloff, who has been serving as treasurer pro tempore, was formally installed to the executive position of treasurer vacated by Venezia’s election to VP.

Thus, for 2020, the executive committee will include president Karol Urban, vice-president Steve Venezia, treasurer Lee Orloff and newly re-elected incumbent secretary Frank Morrone.

CAS Award Winners Named

The CAS board of directors (production) that were re-elected are: Willie D. Burton and Stephen Tibbo.  Receiving the next highest voting tally selected by membership, Peter Kurland will take the production seat vacated by Lee Orloff.

Incumbent board members (post-production) who were re-elected are: Tom Fleischman, Marti Humphrey, and Sherry Klein. David Bondelevitch re-joins as a newly elected board member.

Continuing to serve out their terms in production seats are Amanda Beggs, Peter J. Devlin, Mary H. Ellis, and Jeff Wexler. In the post-production seats, Onnalee Blank, Bob Bronow, Mike Minkler and Mathew Waters continue their service.

“It fills me with pride and confidence to see the incredible selection of community leaders and sound professionals our membership has chosen as their newly elected board,” said Urban. “We are solidified in our commitment to serve our community. I am excited for the future of our organization.”