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Chabot Upgrades Calrec Console

Chabot College in Hayward, CA has upgraded its Calrec Summa audio console, which was installed in 2015.

Hebden Bridge, UK (July 26, 2017)—Chabot College in Hayward, CA has upgraded its Calrec Summa audio console, which was installed in 2015.

According to Sujoy K. Sarkar, general manager of Comcast 27 Chabot TV, the campus TV station, “This latest upgrade keeps the Summa at the forefront of audio mixing technology, which means we can broaden our curriculum even further and give our students even more opportunities to gain video and audio production experience… [T]he Summa has made a huge difference in our ability to properly prepare our broadcast students for their pro careers. The students love the fact that they’ll be able to go right to their first jobs with more professional experience than many of their peers from other schools. In fact, graduates from other programs often come here to do internships because our facility is so cutting-edge.”

Chabot College’s 32-fader Summa console is used by broadcast students to mix audio for the TV station’s lineup of live and recorded programs, and for hands-on training in mass communications classes. The college works in close cooperation with KPIX, the San Francisco CBS affiliate station, which also uses a Summa in its operation and provides one of its audio engineers as a part-time consultant to help students train on the console.

The Summa software upgrade makes more efficient use of the college’s TriCaster 8000 video production system and gives students greater control over audio content, since the audio comes into the Summa first and then is passed to the TriCaster. Also, version 7.0’s IoS control features mean that the mass communications instructor will be able to operate and control the Summa using an iPad. Expanded AoIP capabilities may get used soon, since the college is considering using Dante for moving uncompressed audio over a standard Ethernet network.

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