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CMT Upgrades Video Suites’ Monitoring

The country channel gets some big-city monitoring.

Nashville, TN (March 14, 2019)—Television network CMT has upgraded five video editing suites at its Nashville production and post production facility from 2.1 monitoring to fully discrete 5.1 surround monitoring.

“What we’ve been seeing over the last several years is more and more third-party program content coming in as 5.1 surround, so we’ve had to increase our ability to monitor and edit in that format,” explains Tom Edwards, director of engineering for CMT.

The move was made with the integration of new Genelec 8320A Smart Active Monitors and 7350A Smart Active Subwoofers. The integration of the new 5.1 monitoring systems, which were purchased through Vintage King Audio Los Angeles, was done by CMT itself, with consultation by Russ Berger of the Russ Berger Design Group.

The editing rooms average about 10 by 12 feet and required sonic consistency from room to room, allowing projects to move about the facility in a way that will make workflow as efficient as possible.

View from the Top: Siamak Naghian, Genelec

The smaller footprints of the 8320A and 7350A helped in the tight confines of CMT’s edit suites, allowing the center-channel speaker of the 5.1 systems in the video editing suites to be elevated above the video monitors in the middle of the work areas. The proprietary GLM (Genelec Loudspeaker Manager) software was employed to keep imaging accurate.

The latest upgrade follows a similar upgrade two years ago of the facility’s six audio editing suites, which were also updated to 5.1 surround monitoring using the same Genelec configurations. CMT’s original 5.1 video post production studio got its first set of Genelec 5.1 monitors in 2002.

“Our original 5.1 studio, which had the Genelec 8240 speakers and 7260 sub, was created to help us evaluate surround sound content that was just starting to come in 15 years or so ago,” says Edwards. “Now, there’s a wave of surround content that we have to work with. Features like Genelec’s AutoCal [calibration protocol] are not luxuries now—they’re necessities that let us keep up with the workflow. The advantage that Genelec Smart Active Monitors confer is that we have complete consistency and identical response in the sound between every room in the facility.”

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