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College Gets Immersed with Genelec

Valencia College has added four 7.1.4 studios for students.

Orlando, FL (December 4, 2018)—The Sound & Music Technology program at Valencia College in Orlando, FL, offers students four 7.1.4 studios, including one of the only Dolby Atmos-certified facilities in pro-audio education, and are all outfitted with Genelec speakers.

Two of the facility’s six studios and listening environments, Studio A (the flagship room) and Studio B, offer 7.1.4 arrays incorporating seven Genelec 8350As for the LCR and surround arrays plus four Genelec 8340As as the height array.

Genelec Connects Movie Soundtracks

Mixroom 1, which is Dolby Atmos-certified, uses Genelec 1238As for LCR and 8340As for surround, while four 8330As are used for its height array. Mixroom 2 is set up similarly but uses 1237A LCR speakers. Additionally, both rooms employ a pair of Genelec 1234As as a separate main set of farfield monitors for full-range monitoring.

All four 7.1.4 studios are also equipped with dual subwoofers using either Genelec 7370A or 7360A Smart Active subwoofers.

Joe McBride, the teaching lab supervisor at the Sound & Music Technology program, housed in Valencia College’s new Film Production and Sound Technology Building, noted, “Having Genelecs throughout the production rooms means that mixes can translate accurately between rooms. The way something sounds in one studio is how it will sound in any of the others, which is the way all leading sound facilities are designed.”

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McBride also uses features like the Genelec Loudspeaker Manager (GLM) digital room-correction software platform that manages levels, distance delays, and frequency balances of up to 30 networked speakers, and Genelec’s AutoCal, which automatically measures, analyzes, and adjusts speaker settings. “These features are a way that we can have the studios designed to serve different purposes yet always provide a consistent listening environment for our students,” he explained.

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