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Composer Goes Solo with ATCs

After composing for Netflix and National Geographic, Sven Faulconer recently finished assembling his own personal studio.

Los Angeles, CA (August 20, 2018)—Film composer Sven Faulconer has installed ATC SCM45A three-way nearfield monitors at his new personal studio after having worked with the brand’s monitors at James Newton Howard’s facility since 2013.

Born and raised in Belgium, Faulconer currently resides in Los Angeles, where he studied and worked under veteran composer and mentor James Newton Howard. His credits include complete scores for Blood Father, the Netflix-produced A Series of Unfortunate Events, National Geographic’s documentary Into the Okavango and Wanderland.

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‘Faulconer started as Howard’s second assistant eight years ago and moved up to his first assistant six years ago, which necessitated overseeing a lot of session work, as well as writing additional music and co-composing. At the urging of engineer Shawn Murphy, “We switched to ATC monitors years ago at JNH Studios, and it was a great improvement,” he says.

“I’ve written in a lot of different spaces on a lot of different monitors, and it’s always frustrating to get something sounding good on one set of monitors only to discover that things sound out of balance on another set of monitors. That’s especially stressful for a film composer, because the next playback might be for the director. So, translation is key, and that’s where the ATCs excel.

“Honestly, I’d say it’s a little harder to get a mix sounding good on ATCs, but once it does, it will always sound fantastic on any other balanced system. That’s obviously a better outcome than being lulled into a false sense that the mix is okay only to discover later that it isn’t.”

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Faulconer’s new studio was only recently completed, and he’s using ATC SCM45A nearfields for the all-important left-center-right loudspeakers in its new system. Although he’ll mainly compose in the studio, it will also be used for some mixing and recording. Bill Learned at Vintage King secured the ATCs for Faulconer.

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