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Corpus Leans on Nugen for Loudness

Mixing for Netflix, Amazon Prime and overseas outlets, Corpus aims for compliant audio.

Los Angeles, CA (November 12, 2019)—Music producer, sound engineer and musical artist Jorel Corpus adopted Nugen Audio’s Producer bundle earlier this year and reports that he now uses the plug-ins on every project.

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“I use the Visualizer audio plug-in when clients send me files to immediately analyze if the signal is in mono or stereo. This organizes my resources and streamline my workflow better. I also use the Stereoizer and Stereoplacer tools regularly,” says Corpus, who is known for his work with Brandy, Tyrese, Boyz II Men, JJ Lin, G.E.M. and Disney concerts. On the television production side, his credits include The Snowy Day on Amazon Prime and Family Style, an Asia foodie show released under Justin Lin’s YOMYOMF and Warner Bros. Stage 13 Platform.

In addition to the plug-ins found in the Producer bundle, Corpus has also acquired Nugen’s Loudness Toolkit with VisLM loudness meter in order to remain compliant when working on a range of television and video-on-demand projects.

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“I’ve found that the ISL stereo limiter works well with the VisLM loudness meter,” he says. “The ISL provides highly transparent True Peak limiting for all stereo and mono content. Using Nugen plug-ins allows me to make Netflix, Amazon Prime or television deliveries that have a hardline loudness requirement very easily.”

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