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DAP Upgrades for Immersive Projects

DAP worked with FM Design, Avid and Meyer Sound to update the facility.

Carrollton, TX (November 7, 2019)—Dallas Audio Post (DAP) recently upgraded its main mixing stage to handle Dolby Atmos projects, adding products from Meyer Sound and Avid.

“It has long been clear that immersive audio is upon us with regards to sound design and mixing,” explains Roy Machado, owner and chief engineer at DAP, which was established in 1994. “After observing that many popular platforms, including Netflix, Facebook, Apple TV and Amazon Prime, just to name a few, were moving beyond 5.1 as a delivery format, we decided to make the move to immersive on our main mixing stage.”

With numerous formats to choose from, Machado and team decided to go with Dolby Atmos, both for its scalability and its ubiquity in the TV and film industry. The Atmos system DAP ultimately had installed is an augmentation of the Meyer Sound 7.1 system the facility has been using since 2012 and can support a variety of other immersive formats as well.

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The initial design process involved Meyer Sound’s Miles Rogers and Ashley Hanson alongside DAP’s architect, Francis Manzella of FM Design, in collaboration with Dolby Laboratories. Rogers and Bryan Pennington from Dolby Labs fine-tuned the new system. Both felt that the subwoofers could use more headroom, so two additional Meyer X800 C subwoofers were installed, bringing the total to four.

The final speaker array on the main stage now consists of three screen channels (LCR), 12 surround speakers, eight height speakers, two surround subs and four LFE subs, all from Meyer Sound. At the heart of the new system is the Avid MTRX for I/O and the DAD SPQ speaker processing card for speaker control. Stored calibration profiles accommodate a wide variety of formats including Dolby Theatrical Atmos, Dolby Home Theater Atmos, 7.1, 5.1 and stereo.

“It was a long journey to get here,” says Machado, “but the additional capability and flexibility will serve us and our clients for a long time to come.”

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