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DCP Flies with GC Pro

DCP Productions will now hit the road with a flypack rig sourced with technology provided by GC Pro.

Westlake Village, CA (September 25, 2014)—DCP Productions will now hit the road with a flypack rig sourced with technology provided by GC Pro.

Don Cherel, the founder and director/producer with DCP Productions, created the Motorcycle Money Man for commercial client Geico, along with spots for Planet Fitness, the Washington Nationals MLB team and the Washington Capitals NHL team. The new mobile rig, which tackles its first official project in July for the next Geico campaign, will allow the Baltimore-based six-room video and audio production facility to shoot, record, edit and mix on location, vastly increasing the boutique shop’s productivity.

The flypack comprises two 12-space racks that hold gear, including a Universal Audio Apollo high-resolution interface, an Avid Pro Tools system with Thunderbolt connectivity, an Avid MC Mix controller, an API 550 EQ, Crane Song Falcon compressor and two Rupert Neve Designs 542 tape emulators. The equipment was sourced through GC Pro account manager Mitch Shaivitz at GC Pro’s Baltimore-area office. The mobile rig’s make-up grew from Shaivitz’s conversations with Cherel about what the producer/director wanted to accomplish.

“I called up Mitch and said, here’s what I want to do,’ and he came back with equipment suggestions that matched our workflow at the studio,” Cherel explains. “This mix of equipment and systems really make the mobile rig an extension of the studio—our workflow remains the same on the road and in the studio, so the end product is totally consistent.”

Eight-year-old DCP Productions’ business model is predicated on Cherel’s “concept to completion” notion, which enables clients to work with one entity for concept creation; original music creation; and pre-, field- and post-production. “By simply eliminating the layers of multiple companies in the advertising development process, DCP is able to create content and transform it into quality advertising media much less expensively and faster than traditional ad agencies,” Cherel explains. “That savings is passed on to the client.”

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