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DPA Seen In ‘Now You See Me’

Since its release in late May, the magic/heist film "Now You See Me" has grossed $135 million worldwide and garnered solid reviews. Key to many of the film's illusion scenes were DPA's d:fine headset microphones.

A scene from Now You See Me, featuring DPA d:fine headset microphones.
Los Angeles, CA (June 24, 2013)—Since its release in late May, the magic/heist film Now You See Me has grossed $135 million worldwide and garnered solid reviews. Key to many of the film’s illusion scenes were DPA’s d:fine headset microphones.

Chosen primarily for the aesthetic appeal to the art director, who was looking for a modern microphone that could be seen but not held, the d:fines also provided production sound mixer, Danny Michael, CAS, with the audio that he needed. Forgoing the foam windscreen that typically comes with the d:fine, Michael presented the director with the exposed grill version of the microphone.

“The director asked the production designer and me to find a few solutions to meet his needs,” says Michael. “We received a few different samples, but I made sure to include the d:fine, as it was the one that I felt would provide the best sound. Since it was an artistic decision, I left it to the director to make the final call. It was very fortunate for me that he selected the one I wanted most.”

In Now You See Me, an FBI team investigates “The Four Horsemen,” a team of illusionists played by Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Isla Fischer and Dave Franco, who pull of a series of heists. Equipped with the DPA d:fines while on stage, the team explains each of its illusions and tricks. With several close-ups on the actor’s faces during these scenes, the microphones are prominently found in film and in the movie trailer.

“The d:fines really held up for what we were doing, which is ideal,” continues Michael. “The actors all wore the mics for hours at a time-Dave [Franco] seemed to wear his all day-and I didn’t get any complaints that they provided any discomfort. Sometimes, the best thing you can say is that you never had a problem.”

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