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Fairlight Drives Studio Business

Producers Video recently added Fairlight's XCS Constellation, with the Xynergi as a center panel.

Baltimore, MD (February 7, 2012)–Producers Video recently added Fairlight’s XCS Constellation, with the Xynergi as a center panel.

Baltimore, MD-based Producers Video uses Fairlight’s XCS Constellation and Xynergi center panel as a professional A/V solution. As afilm, video, audio production and post-production house, Producers Video runs campaigns for nationally known brands such as Dick’s Sporting Goods, Under Armour and Toyota, among others.

“We never want to turn away clients or work opportunities as the flexibility and options we receive with Fairlight products is our major strength,” says Bob Bragg, senior audio engineer at Producers Video. “Since the installation, we’ve been able to evolve and learn to incorporate more features that help expand our business and capabilities.”

Bragg notes, “Fairlight continues to add new levels of innovation by adding HD video to the timeline as well as the capability to import and export different file formats and VST plug-ins. The ability to work on audio and signal processing on every channel, without a separate program saves a great amount of time and helps to keep workflow constant. There is no need to launch another program or extension, and all the native EQs and dynamics are all instantly there.”

“It’s great to work with other studios and be able to have both sessions running at the same time, helping to judge the performance and make creative decisions instantly even if you’re not on site. Many of the more compact systems don’t have the versatility and ease of use with parameter adjustments and routing that you get with Fairlight and the Constellation,” he says.